Tuscan Homes Provide Italian Ambience in Warmer Climates

Arie Abekasis developed his artistic and creative skills in the fashion industry before establishing Diditan Group, a homebuilder specializing in custom Tuscan-style properties. Using design motifs such as cypress trees, stone walls, and other architectural elements, Arie Abekasis recreates Italian atmosphere in each house his company builds.

Tuscan style takes its name from the Italian region of Tuscany, where many luxury villas dot the countryside. The style incorporates Italian, French, and Spanish elements for a distinctly Mediterranean appearance that blends well in the warmer regions of the United States.

American homes built in the Tuscan style follow their Italian counterparts with designs that let in natural light via arched windows. Exteriors achieve a sun-drenched look through plaster or stucco, which are complemented by the style’s signature barrel tile roof.

Interiors feature tile and stone flooring, often with mosaic inlays. These materials tend to keep the house cool thanks to the heat-conducting properties of the material, an advantage in hot climates.

Tuscan houses usually come in warm, “vineyard-style” earthy colors such as golden brown, gold, sienna, and olive green.

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