Three Ways to Decorate Your Home in a Tuscan Style

As the founder and owner of Diditan Group in Southern California, Arie Abekasis uses his design experience in the construction and styling of Tuscan-style homes. Tuscan-style designers such as Arie Abekasis utilize a number of stylistic elements inspired by the central Italian region. Here is a quick look at three ways to decorate your home in a Tuscan style.

Colors: Tuscan homes are widely known for their earthy, understated tones. If you want to give your home a Tuscan feel, consider repainting walls in warm browns, grays, and even golds.

Accents: Once you have Tuscan colors on the walls, consider outfitting the home with items such as rustic light fixtures and painted ceramic objects. These accents reinforce the Tuscan theme and bring life to every room in the house.

Floors: When it comes to Tuscan flooring, terra cotta tiling stands alone as the most authentic material. However, many Tuscan-style homes make use of worn wood covered with antique rugs, as well as stone with mosaic inlay.

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