Load Modification Testimonial

Here’s a testimonial from a client I wanted to share… (Thanks Jenni!)

My Life in LA | jennifly7

“As i am sure anyone with children knows; it can be a struggle financially to keep your bills paid, food on the table, clothes that only fit for 6 months at a time, ect. (especially with 3 kids) about 6 months ago me & my husband were really stressed that we would not be able to cover the next mortgage payment.

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We decided to start calling around and see if there was anything we could do to lower the payments. First we called our bank, who said that they could do nothing for us because we made too much money. Who are they to judge how much money is too much. If i cant afford my mortgage payment, i would assume that means we don’t make enough. Anyways, after that, we started looking into loan modifications. The first few companies we called charged way too much, and were very impersonal.

Finally we contacted Arie Abekasis. Arie worked with our financial situation regarding the charge, and was very understanding of our situation. He was in contact with us for anything we needed, and now we can afford our …”


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