Tuscan-themed Ideas for Your Home

9BBE39D4-EC52-143C-6FE2-BABBDC882046_COVER_DR.jpgHave you ever dreamed of living in the countryside of Tuscany? Well, here are ways to add a Tuscan touch into your home and transform it to have that warm and alluring ambience of old world Italy.

How to Bring Old World Tuscan Details into Your Home …

Tuscan décors and Tuscan details are elements inspired from Tuscany, Italy. Tuscan or Mediterranean is a nice Italian theme to use in the decorative details of any home. The richness of tones and colors, reflect earth tones and deep hues of nature. While earth tones and tangible texture are the foundations of Tuscan style, the finishing touches can be achieved through the use of natural and rustic looking furnishings and accessories. The traditional old world décor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a much sought after style in homes today. Textured walls, stone flooring, and tile roofing are some of the true details that stem from rich Italian tradition. Bring these creative Tuscan ideas in your home to get that Old World feel in your home. From colors and textures to add decorative accessories and fabrics. See how your home will feel transformed into a warm and inviting home from Tuscany, Italy!

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