Arie Abekasis – Sherman Oaks CA 91401

Arie Abekasis

arie abekasis picture in blue suite

Arie Abekasis – Founder of the Diditan Group

With years of experience & knowledge gained in the design industry, Arie Abekasis blends the elegance of his talents into his company’s portfolio of luxury homes in Los Angeles.

Diditan Luxury Home Builders in Los Angeles builds stylish custom homes in a range of sizes, from condominiums to sprawling estates.

They design, build and finance fine luxury properties in many styles including Modern, Tuscan, Contemporary, Cape Code and Mediterranean-homes, condos and investment properties with some of the top engineers, architects and craftspeople of custom homes in the Los Angeles area.

Arie offers unlimited customization preferences, and strives to provide superior craftsmanship and quality, calling upon well-established architects, engineers, and designers to erect homes with all the sophistication, elegance, and design style demanded by today’s discerning consumer.

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Checkout Arie’s luxury home projects:

View Arie Abekasis on makes it easy for you to learn about Arie Abekasis’ background and interests.

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