This magnificent 2 in 1 custom designed luxury property has two completely separate homes. Situated in the middle of “Old Palos.” Each home has its own attached and yet separate basements and garages.



Everything is top-of-the-line paying close attention to all the details. Beautiful hardwood floors, “alder” wood doors, granite counters, nine foot and two-story ceilings, heated basement floors, 5,200-plus square feet of luxurious custom finishes. View this exceptional luxury… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog

Luxurious custom finishes and attention to detail in every area of this luxury home. It has gorgeous hardwood floors, elegant granite counters, high ceilings, basement with heated flooring and more. This luxury property is shown only to high end clients who are specifically looking for a 2 in 1 home arrangement.


12533 S 73rd Avenue, Palos Heights, IL, USA, 60463

The ultimate related living arrangement…two distinct and luxurious homes in one structure, with the only common areas being the laundry room, and it has separate washers and dryers, and the beautiful backyard stone patio! This magnificent property was custom designed to have two completely separate dwelling units… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog



Villa Kampffmeyer: A Historical German Luxury Estate

As you stroll through Villa Kampffmeyer and over its picturesque grounds, it is obvious that history proliferates.

The richly embellished house consolidates great neoclassicist and baroque design components and is a listed building. Following quite a while of disregard, the proprietor put in the most recent three years reestablishing it to its previous radiance, utilizing old blueprints and remaking endless unique components with incredible care.

Villa Kampffmeyer Luxury Estate


It was 1923 and the construction of the Villa Kampffmeyer was underway, when successful German entrepreneur and well-known mill owner, Kurt Kampffmeyer sought a location of unmatched prestige within the suburbs of Berlin and found the waterfront of… Read more at Luxury Portfolio Blog

Top of the line property holders are coming back to the manors of southwest Berlin, an image of extravagance until World War II. High-end home buyers head to the southwest, where generations of prewar Germans developed the nation’s most selective local locations making massive houses in untainted lakeside settings.


Berlin’s Lavish Villas

The Berlin villa—a hallmark of the good life in Central Europe until World War II—is back, as buyers boost prices for restored mansions, or start from scratch by… Read more at The Wall Street Journal


Arie Abekasis – Sherman Oaks CA 91401

Arie Abekasis

arie abekasis picture in blue suite

Arie Abekasis – Founder of the Diditan Group

With years of experience & knowledge gained in the design industry, Arie Abekasis blends the elegance of his talents into his company’s portfolio of luxury homes in Los Angeles.

Diditan Luxury Home Builders in Los Angeles builds stylish custom homes in a range of sizes, from condominiums to sprawling estates.

They design, build and finance fine luxury properties in many styles including Modern, Tuscan, Contemporary, Cape Code and Mediterranean-homes, condos and investment properties with some of the top engineers, architects and craftspeople of custom homes in the Los Angeles area.

Arie offers unlimited customization preferences, and strives to provide superior craftsmanship and quality, calling upon well-established architects, engineers, and designers to erect homes with all the sophistication, elegance, and design style demanded by today’s discerning consumer.

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Understanding the Short Sale Process

As head of Diditan Financial, Inc., Arie Abekasis leads a company that offers customers a one-stop solution for competitive mortgages and home loans. Arie Abekasis and his team assist clients in tax reassessments and have experience in short sales, which occur when the balance owed on a property exceeds the value of that can be achieved by sale of the property.

Through the short sale, holders of security interest release their liens on the property and settle for an amount less than the owed amount. The sale does not release the debtor from the deficiency, which is the loan shortfall. Borrowers are still obligated to pay back this amount fully. It does offer a number of distinct advantages through protecting credit and having minimal impact on credit scores. In addition, with the home being put up for sale, mortgage payments are no longer necessary. The short sale process additionally benefits home buyers, as they are able to access properties at prices lower than their actual value.

Characteristics of Tuscan Homes

Arie Abekasis is the founder and owner of Diditan Group, a developer that builds and sells homes in Southern California. At Diditan Group, Arie Abekasis works with highly-skilled professionals and artisans to give each client a beautiful Tuscan-style home.

The overriding element of domestic Tuscan architecture is the blend of modern styles and Old World European aesthetics. The exterior of a Tuscan home is usually composed of natural stones, such as limestone, travertine, and marble. A distinct Tuscan feature is the inclusion of an elaborate wrought iron gates as an entrance. To further emphasize the classic European aesthetic, the entryways may be surrounded by weathered stone walls and covered in crawling vines.

The interior of a Tuscan home usually includes glass and stone tiles and terracotta floors, as well as intricately textured high ceilings. The marble aesthetic is continued indoors with beautiful works of mosaic art on the floor. The ceilings, meanwhile, often incorporate wood beams that have been refurbished from old Tuscan farmhouses.