Taquito Seduction Tuscan Style

Another funny commercial from El Monterey shot at one of the Tuscan style properties built by Arie Abekasis and his team. Good for a laugh.


Picturesque Tuscan Countryside

Are you planning your first road trip through Tuscany? It is highly recommended that you visit and explore the beautiful countryside when you go to Florence. Here are some photos to give you a preview on how picturesque and gorgeous the views are in the Tuscan countryside.

History In High Heels: Road Trip Through Tuscany

No trip to Florence (or Italy for that matter) is complete without a road trip through the gorgeous and rightfully-famous countryside of Tuscany. This is especially true during sunflower season (don’t worry I will be sharing more pictures of these amazing sunflower fields next week).

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Jimmy Fallon Writes Thank You Note to Roshashana

Jimmy Fallon writes out his weekly thank you notes while James (who seems to be in a great mood) plays thank you note writing music in the background. “Mr. Party” they call him.

Jimmy thanks Donald Trump for appearing on the show and in every monologue they’ve done in the past few months. He also thanks Roshashana for sounding less like a Jewish holiday and more like how Tom Brokaw says “Russian sauna.” Hilarious!

Thank You Notes: Rosh Hashanah, Apple Pencil

Jimmy pens thank you notes to Hillary Clinton, cell phone chargers and other things.

Why Is Rocky Wearing a Purple Jacket?

In this clip from The Tonight Show, Sylvester Stallone and Jimmy Fallon talk about a photo that was taken of all the Expendables stars in one room and the funny dialogue that ensued between them.

Stallone also tells a story of going to read for the part of Hans Solo in Star Wars and his famous rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check it out…

Sylvester Stallone Hated Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jimmy and Sylvester Stallone talk about his movie The Expendables 3 and the time he auditioned for the first Star Wars film.