Characteristics of Tuscan Homes

Arie Abekasis is the founder and owner of Diditan Group, a developer that builds and sells homes in Southern California. At Diditan Group, Arie Abekasis works with highly-skilled professionals and artisans to give each client a beautiful Tuscan-style home.

The overriding element of domestic Tuscan architecture is the blend of modern styles and Old World European aesthetics. The exterior of a Tuscan home is usually composed of natural stones, such as limestone, travertine, and marble. A distinct Tuscan feature is the inclusion of an elaborate wrought iron gates as an entrance. To further emphasize the classic European aesthetic, the entryways may be surrounded by weathered stone walls and covered in crawling vines.

The interior of a Tuscan home usually includes glass and stone tiles and terracotta floors, as well as intricately textured high ceilings. The marble aesthetic is continued indoors with beautiful works of mosaic art on the floor. The ceilings, meanwhile, often incorporate wood beams that have been refurbished from old Tuscan farmhouses.

The Diditan Group Creates and Sells Fine Tuscan Homes

A successful entrepreneur with many years of experience in real estate and fashion, Arie Abekasis currently serves as the founder and owner of Diditan Group. Under the leadership of Arie Abekasis, Diditan Group builds and sells Tuscan-style homes throughout Southern California.

Above all else, the team at Diditan Group works hard to understand the vision of its clients and help bring their dreams to life. The company has created custom homes with a diverse array of Tuscan elements, from tall stone walls to cream-colored villas. The homes frequently feature rows of cypress trees and running streams, which soften noise in the area and allow homeowners to feel at peace in a natural setting.

Diditan Group develops close working relationships with clients and helps them design a cozy space that truly feels like home. Created by expert engineers, designers, and architects, no detail is overlooked. To learn more, visit the website at